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Declaration of Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


This is a barbarous, unprovoked and perfidious attack on an independent, peaceful and democratic country, which has already been denounced by the whole civilized world. 141 UN member states, as well as NATO and the European Union, urged Russia to stop violence and withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian territory.

Russian military aggression brings suffering and causes massive ruining, endangers the lives of the innumerable innocent people in Ukraine. For 12 days and nights devastating missile and artillery attacks of the enemy have been ruining cities and towns all over Ukraine, causing deaths of civilians and innocent children, smashing civil infrastructure – kindergartens, schools, hospitals and residential buildings. These arewar crimes against humanity, whose evidence is seen by the whole world and which are already being investigated by the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Due to its actions Russia has already been isolated from the entire civilized world. Unprecedented international financial and economic sanctions are having a deadly effect on the Russian economy and technological development. Russia is being excluded from practically every international organization. S&T cooperation with Russian scientists and their access to international programs is being stopped. The list of organizations and associations that have refused to collaborate is now quite long, and is going to be extended even more. After the annexation of a part of the Ukrainian territory by Russia in 2014, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has broken all scientific and S&T ties with Russian scientific institutions.

The Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine resolutely condemns the war unleashed by Russia, the unheard-of level of cruelty and war crimes. We call on international scientific organizations, including the International Association of Academies of Sciences, to join the condemnation of Russia’s barbarous aggression and the the defense of Ukrainian people from annihilation. We call all decent Russian and Belorussian scientists not to be silent, to demonstrate their civil position and make every possible effort to stop the war. 

Conference 2016


Ukrainian conference with international participation 


devoted to the 30th anniversary of the founding of Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine





17−18 May, 2016, Kyiv (Ukraine)


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Dear colleagues,

We invite you to participate in Ukrainian conference with international participation "CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY OF SURFACE" and workshop "NANOSTRUCTURED BIOCOMPATIBLE / BIOACTIVE MATERIALS", which will be held 17−18 May, 2016, Kyiv (Ukraine).



National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Chemistry Division

Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry

Scientific Council of "Chemistry and Technology of Surface Modification"




Kartel M.Т., Dr. (Chem.), Prof., Academician of NASU – chairman
Belyakova L.A,. Dr. (Chem.), Prof. (Ukraine) – vice-chairman
Brei V.V., Dr. (Chem.), Prof., Corr. Member of NASU
Gorbyk P.P., Dr. (Phys.& Math.), Prof. (Ukraine)
Gun'ko V.М., Dr. (Chem.), Prof. (Ukraine)
Deryło-Marczewska. A., Dr. Habil. of Chem., Prof., (Poland)
Eremenko A.M., Dr. (Chem.), Prof. (Ukraine)
Zub Yu. L.. Dr. (Chem.), Prof. (Ukraine)
Lupascu T., Dr. Habil. of Chem., Prof., Corr. Member of AS of Moldova
Mikhalovsky S.V., Prof. (Great Britain, Republic of Kazakhstan)
Ogenko V.M., Dr. (Chem.), Prof., Corr. Member of NASU
Poddenezhny Е.N., Dr. (Chem.) (Republic of Belarus)
Rozenbaum V.М., Dr. (Phys.& Math.), Prof. (Ukraine)
Savel’ev Yu.V., Dr. (Chem.) (Ukraine)
Strizhak P.E., Dr. (Chem.), Prof., Corr. Member of NASU
Tarasevych Yu.I., Dr. (Chem.), Prof., Corr. Member of NASU
Tertykh V.А., Dr. (Chem.), Prof. (Ukraine)
Turov V.V., Dr. (Chem.), Prof., Corr. Member of NASU – vice-chairman
Fomkin А.А., Dr. (Phys.& Math.) (Russia)
Kholin Yu.V. Dr. (Chem.), Prof. (Ukraine)



Laguta I.V., PhD (Chem.) – scientific secretary of conference
Bolbukh Yu. M., PhD (Chem.) – secretary of workshop
Davydenko L O., PhD (Chem.)
Gavrylyuk О.О,. PhD (Phys. & Math.)
Galaburda М.V., PhD (Chem.)
Linnik О.P., PhD (Chem.)
Pylypchuk Ye.V., PhD (Chem.)
Prokopenko S.L., PhD (Chem.)
Snegir S.V., PhD (Phys. & Math.)


Topics of the conference

1. Theory of chemical structure and reactivity of solid surface
2. Physical chemistry of surface phenomena
3. Chemistry, physics and technology of nanomaterials
4. Medical, biological and biochemical aspects of research of highly disperse materials


LanguagesUkrainian, Russian, English.


The scientific program will include oral (15 min) and poster (80*100 cm) presentations. The slides for oral and poster presentations should be submitted in English. For posting on poster presentations should be prepared in pdf format (example).


Conference venue

17 General Naumov Street, Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv 03164, Ukraine


Key dates

• Registration deadline – 15th March 2016
• Abstract submission deadline – 1st April 2016
• Registration fee deadline – 15th April 2016
• Poster submission deadline (*.pdf format) – 10th May 2016



The main steps to be registered and participate in the conference:
1) make online registration;
2) send by e-mail a formatted abstract according to the below-mentioned instructions (abstact template);
3) send by e-mail the poster presentations  in pdf format (example);
4) pay the registration fee by postal transfer pointing the name of the conference secretary (I.V. Laguta) and send by e-mail the scanned copy of the receipt.


The registration fee (participation in the conference and publication of one page abstract) is 150 UAH (intramural participation) and 100 UAH (extramural participation). All participants are required to pay the registration fee until 15th April, 2016. Abstracts of the conference participants who do not pay the registration fee until this date will not be published in the abstract book.
The abstract book will be printed before the conference. Organizing Committee reserves the rights to accept or reject an abstract in the conference program.
The papers on materials of the conference reports can be published (after reviewing) in the Journal "Chemistry, Physics and Technology of Surface" or scientific collection “Surface”. To submit a paper, please follow the instruction on the web-site of Institute  (
Information about the conference will be available on 


Please send your correspondence to:

Dr. Iryna Laguta.
Address: 17 General Naumov Street,
Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Kyiv 03164, Ukraine,
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (044) 424 82 32
Fax: (044) 424 35 67



Abstracts must be submitted in English. Full text of the abstract should not exceed one A4 page typed in Times New Roman 14 pt with single spacing in the body of the text. Margins: top, left and right – 2.5 cm, button – 3 cm. Title (centered, bold 16 pt). Name and Surname of authors (centered, 14 pt, underline the name of speaker). Affiliation, address, fax, e-mail (centered, Italic 14 pt). Align text to the width of page. No hyphenations in the text. Paragraph is 1.25 сm  (abstact template).


Registration of the participants will be held on May 17th, 2015 at 900 – 1000 a.m. in the hall of the main building of the Institute.





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 Під час виконання бойового завдання загинув наш колега Кравченко Андрій Анатолійович, науковий співробітник відділу квантової хімії та хімічної фізики наносистем, кандидат хімічних наук. 




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Ukrainian conference with international participation 






(multinational research NATO SPS project G5798 «A novel nanoparticle based real-time sensor for B. anthracis and M. Tuberculosis»)




October, 2022, Kyiv




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