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Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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Melnyk Inna Vasyliivna


PhD in Chemistry

Senior Researcher, 

Senior Researcher of the Department of Chemisorption and Hybrid Materials


Telephone: +380 44 422-96-09

Fax: +380 44 424-35-67

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I.V. Melnyk works at the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine since 2000.


Scientific interests

Sol-gel method, surface chemistry, hybrid materials, sorbents.



1997 - graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of M. Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, specialization "Chemistry and Biology"

1998-2001 – postgraduate student at the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine

2003 – PhD in Chemistry, specialty "physics and chemistry of surfaces" (candidate dissertation "Synthesis and research of polyorganosiloxanes with bi- and trifunctional surface layer") (in Ukrainian)

2003 - three months training at the University of Parma (Italy) within the NATO SfP 978006

2016 - Senior Researcher, specialty "physics and chemistry of surface"



Awards and Grants

2002 - The stipend of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

2004 A scholarship by the DAAD (Germany, with 3 month internship) at Max -Planck-Institut Fur Kohlenforschung

2005-2006 - INTAS YSF Nr 04-83-2630 grant

2006 - The Diploma of the Kyiv mayor for Gifted Youth

2008-2009 - Project manager of Bilateral collaboration NAS of Ukraine – CNRS of France

2009-2010 - Project manager of research project F 29/379-2009 funded by Basic Research Foundation of Ukraine and Belarus

2010 - The diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for outstanding achievement of youth in the development of Ukraine

2011 – The diploma on the occasion of 25th anniversary founding of of Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine

2014-2016 - Project manager of Bilateral collaboration between the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Slovak Academy of Sciences

2016-2018 - Scientific manager of the project N1298/03/01 funded by the Programme SASPRO 3rd call, co-funded by the European Commission under the scheme COFUND, which is part of the Marie Curie Actions under EU 7th FP, under Grant agreement No. REA 609427: SASPRO/Mobility Programme of Slovak Academy of Sciences: Supportive Fund for Excellent Scientists

2018-2019 - Head of the project of bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania

2019-2020 - Co-manager of the project "Multifunctional hybrid adsorbents for water purification" (funded by The Swedish Research Council)


Scientific work

Co-author of more than 70 articles, 5 chapters in monographs.


Selected publications

 1. I.V. Melnyk, M. Fatnassi, T. Cacciaguerra, Y.L. Zub, В. Alonso. Spray-dried porous silica microspheres functionalised by phosphonic acid groups // Micropor. Mesopor. Mat. – 2012. – V.152. – P.172–177.

2. I.V. Melnyk, V.P. Goncharyk, N.V. Stolyarchuk, L.I. Kozhara, А.S. Lunochkina, Yu.L. Zub, B. Alonso. Dy3+ sorption from water solutions by mesoporous silicas functionnalized by phosphonic acid groups // J. Porous Mat. – 2012. – V.19. – P.579-585.

3. I.V. Melnyk, Y.L. Zub. Preparation and characterisation of magnetic nanoparticles with bifunctional surface layer ≡Si(CH2)3NH2/≡SiCH3 (or ≡SiC3H7–n) // Micropor. Mesopor. Mat. – 2012. – V.154. – P.196-199.

4. I.V. Melnyk. Aminosilica nano- and submicrospheres: study of influence factors on morphology, structure and properties // Chem. J Moldova. – 2014. - 9(1). – Р.123-127.

5. G.A. Seisenbaeva, I.V. Melnyk, N. Hedin, Y. Chen, P. Eriksson, E. Trzop, Yu.L. Zub, V.G. Kesslerl. Molecular insight into the mode-of-action of phosphonate monolayers as active functions of hybrid metal oxide adsorbents. Case study in sequestration of rare earth elements // RSC Advances. – 2015. – V. 5. – P.24575–24585.

6. R.P. Pogorilyi, I.V. Melnyk, Y.L. Zub, G.A. Seisenbaeva, V.G. Kessler. Enzyme Immobilization on a nanoadsorbent for improved stability against heavy metal poisoning // Colloids Surf. B. – 2016. – V.144. – P.135-142.

7. I.V. Melnyk, K. Gdula, A. Dąbrowski, Y.L. Zub. Magneto-sensitive adsorbents modified by functional nitrogen-containing groups // Nanoscale Res. Lett. – 2016. – V.11 – P.61.



Ukrainian conference with international participation 


dedicated to the 90th birthday of Aleksey Chuiko,

Academician of NAS of Ukraine



21−22 October, 2020, Kyiv


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