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Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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Laboratory of Synthesis and Analysis of Functional Nanomaterials


Head of Laboratory

Dubrovin Igor V.

PhD in Chemistry, Senior Researcher



Telephone: + 380 44 424-12-35

Fax: + 380 44 424-35-67

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

from left: technician L.A. Shmygirina, PhD Igor.V. Dubrovin, PhD G.N. Kashyn, PhD N.V. Abramov, junior researcher E.G. Syrenko


Laboratory staff is 6 co-workers including 4 PhDs. From 1986, the Laboratory researchers have published more than 185 scientific papers, obtained 9 patents and inventors certificates, 3 candidate dissertations were defended.


Directions of investigations

Processes of solid nanomaterial formation at vapor– liquid - solid interfaces; structural and phase transformations in the layers of modified materials obtained by self-organization or directional solidification under exposure to external physical and chemical factors; synthesis of nanoscale compositions with amorphous, poly- and mono-crystalline structures and study of their electrophysical properties.


Main results for the recent years

The low-temperature synthesis of nanosized single-domain magnetite at the interface between the solid and liquid phases has been developed. Nanoparticles of cobalt ferrite and solid solutions on its basis have been synthesized by hydrothermal recrystallization process in the microwave field. The effect of cobalt concentrations on the magnetic properties of the synthesized materials has been studied. The maximum values of specific saturation magnetization for solid solutions in the system Fe3O4 - CoFe2O4 and coercive force were about 50 Gs cm3 and 870 Oe.

The results of researches can be a basis for manufacturing new magnetoelectronic materials and devices, magnetic drug carriers, nanocomposites for donor blood purification and magnetic resonance diagnostic agents, hyperthermia agents etc.

With the use of the developed methods inorganic spherical hollow nanoscale particles of silica and titanium dioxide have been produced. Such particles are very promising for biomedical application. The researches performed have shown that the hollow nanoscale spheres may be applied as practically feasible drug carriers.

Zinc oxide nanotubes have been grown on a single-crystal silicon substrate by the hydrothermal synthesis in the temperature range 180-200 °C and at pressure of about 106 Pa. The analysis by Auger electron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy (Leo Ultra 55 FEG SEM (Zeiss)) confirmed the composition of synthesized nanotubes and showed that the nanotubes were of 30-70 nm in outer diameter, 20-30 nm in inner diameter and up to 2 mm in length. The optimum conditions for growth of such nanotubes have been determined.

The method of deposition of silver nanoclusters on the surface of magnetite nanoparticles has been developed. The possible application of such magnetically operated nanocomposites for the purposes of photodynamic therapy is under investigation. These studies are carried out with the use of tissue markers and medical products for localization of receptors on cell surface and identification of biomolecules.

With the use of the developed method silicon and zinc oxide nanowhiskers (Fig, 4) have been grown by the the vapor - liquid – crystal mechanism. These crystalline nanoobjects are very promising for production of a new generation of electronic and optoelectronic devices (light sources, pixel arrays for scanning devices, night vision equipment, lithium batteries of high capacity). Nanoscale whiskers of 5 to 10 nm in diameter have been produced. The field electron emission has been studied for the arrays of quantum-dimensioned zinc oxide crystals grown on the surface of silicon single crystals. The effect of the growth conditions on the properties of whiskers, their morphological and photoluminescence properties has been studied. The results have shown that the increased temperature of zinc evaporation during the growth are favorable for the growth of arrays composed of whiskers with a lesser average diameter and pronounced oxygen deficiency.

The single crystals of high-temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O6+ (Тс ~ 90, Тс ~ 1,0 К) with natural faceting and lamellar habit have been grown by the method of oriented crystallization from both stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric fluorine containing solution melts. The oxygen distribution over the surface of lamellar crystals has been examined and mosaic structures of various types with block-boundary angles in the range of 0,05 to 1,5° have been found. The development dynamics of the twin structure on the surface of HTSC lamellar crystal and its correlation with oxygen saturation of the crystal has been studied.


Laboratory staff

Dubrovin Igor V., PhD, Head of Laboratory,

tel.: +38 (044) 424-12-35, е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

Abramov Nikolay V., PhD, Senior Researcher,

tel.: +38 (044) 422-96-10, е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

Kashyn Grigorii N., PhD, Senior Researcher,

tel.: +38 (044) 422-96-10, е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

Syrenko Elena G., Junior Researcher

tel.: +38 (044) 422-96-10;

Pylypchuk Yevhenii V., PhD, Junior Researcher

tel.: +38 (044) 424-96-79, е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

Shmygirina Lyudmila A., technician

tel.: +38 (044) 422-96-74, е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Recent publications

1. N.V. Abramov Magnetic fluids on the basis of cisplatin for application in the cancer therapy // Sb. Poverhnost. - 2013. – Iss. 5 (20). - P. 247 – 256 (in Russian).

2. A.I. Casian, B.M. Gorelov, I.V. Dubrovin. State of the art and prospects of thermoelectricity on organic materials // Journal of Thermoelectricity. – 2012. – N3. – P.7–16.

3. P.P. Gorbyk, І.V. Dubrovіn, M.V. Abramov Synthesis, structure and magnetic characteristics of single-domain nanoparticles of (Fe1- xCoh)Fe2O4 solid solutions // Sb. Poverhnost. - 2012. – Iss. 4 (19) - P.232 – 238 (in Ukrainian).

4. P.P. Gorbyk, I.V. Dubrovin, Yu.A. Demchenko, G.N. Kashin, A.A. Dadykin. Synthesis of zinc oxide nanostructures// Zh. Prikl. Chemistry. - 2011. - V. 84, N 3. - P.365 -368 (in Russian).

5. L.S. Semko, P.P. Gorbyk, І.V. Dubrovіn, D.G. Usov. Method of fabrication of layered magnetic material // Patent of Ukraine N 94069 from 11.04.2011.

6. P.P. Gorbyk, I.V. Dubrovin, A.A. Dadykin, Yu.A. Demchenko. Synthesis of silicon and zinc oxide nanowhiskers and studies of their properties // Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Structures. Physics, Chemistry, and Applications. – Springer Netherlands, 2010. – Р.217–225.

7. P.P. Gorbik, I.V. Dubrovin, A.L. Petranovska, M.P. Turelyk, V.N. Mishchenko, L.P. Storozhuk, N.V. Abramov, S.P. Turanska, S.N. Makhno, E.V. Pylypchuk, V.F. Chekhun, N.Yu. Lukyanova, A.P. Shpak, A.M. Korduban. Magnetically controlled transportation of drugs: current state and prospects of development / Sb. Poverhnost. - 2010. - Iss. 2 (17). - P.286 -297 (in Russian).

8. P.P. Gorbyk, I.V. Dubrovin, G.N. Kashin, Yu.A. Demchenko. Synthesis of crystalline silicon oxide nanostructures // Sb. Poverhnost. - 2010 - Iss. (2 ) 17. - P.214 – 220 (in Russian).

9. P.P. Gorbyk, I.V. Dubrovin, M.N. Filonenko, Yu.A. Demchenko, N.V. Abramov. Preparation of hollow spherical magnetite nanoparticles // Inorganic Materials. – 2009. – V. 45, N12. – Р.1351–1354.

10. P.P. Gorbyk, I.V. Dubrovin, A.L. Petranovska, N.V. Abramov, D.G. Usov, L.P. Storozhuk, S.P. Turanska, M.P. Turelyk, V.F. Chekhun, N.Yu. Lukyanova, A.P. Shpak, O.M. Korduban. Chemical construction of polyfunctional nanocomposites and nanorobots for medico-biological applications // Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Structures. Physics, Chemistry, and Applications. - Springer Netherlands, 2009. – Р.207–216.




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